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Learn About Diamonds

Buying a diamond usually marks a truly special occasion. However, the process of buying a diamond can also create feelings of confusion and anxiety due to the amount of money and research required. When buying a diamond, consumer education is vital to understanding your upcoming diamond purchase. Our diamond education page has been designed to give you a basic understanding of diamonds, and the characteristics that affect their beauty and value. Boston Private Jewelers recommends that you consider the following 3 basic concepts when you begin searching for your perfect Diamond(s).

  • Determine your budget. You should know approximately how much you would like to spend and what the “absolute maximum” amount of money you can afford before you begin your diamond search.

  • Look for the best quality diamond(s) for your money: Since most of us don’t have unlimited funds to purchase a diamond, we have to make the best of what we can afford. Achieving a good balance between the four C’s (color, cut, clarity and carat weight) can be difficult, however it is essential to the diamond buying process. Ask questions about the characteristics of your potential diamond purchase and try to find a diamond that is of good quality and a carat weight that will make you and your loved one happy.

  • One of the most important steps in choosing a diamond is to complete a thorough review of the diamond’s certificate or grading report. This document will explain the characteristics of a particular diamond, like carat weight, cut, clarity and color (the four C’s). There are several organizations that evaluate the quality of diamonds; however, the most widely utilized and respected is the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Boston Private Jewelers provides a GIA diamond certificate with all on-line diamond purchases and offers laser inscription services to guarantee the quality and integrity of all diamond purchases. Please feel free contact us if you have any additional questions.

The Four C’s:


A diamond acts as a prism that divides light into a spectrum of colors and reflects this light as colorful flashes referred to as a diamond’s “fire”. The more colorless the diamond, the more vibrant this fire and brilliance will appear. Diamonds with very little color are the most highly valued types of diamonds and are priced accordingly. Grading of a diamond’s color is based on the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Color Scale of D-Z. Boston Private Jewelers carries only the most brilliant diamonds with little or no color noticeable to the naked eye.


Most diamonds have natural blemishes that are characteristic of that particular stone. The clarity rating of a diamond is based on the number, location, size, and type of the inclusions found in a diamond. Diamonds with few flaws, referred to as inclusions, are very rare and highly valued. Boston Private Jewelers has diamonds ranging in clarity from internally flawless to slightly included in order to accommodate any budget.


The cut of a diamond has the most effect on its brilliance and sparkle. When a diamond is well cut, with precisely calculated planes and angles, the diamond achieves its greatest beauty. A poorly cut diamond, no matter how good its color and clarity will not match the fire and brilliance of a better-cut diamond with comparatively lower color and clarity. Boston Private Jewelers carries only better cut stones to ensure all of our diamonds have the most sparkle, fire and brilliance.

Carat Weight

The weight of a diamond is typically measured in carats. Although, when diamonds are less than 1 carat in size, they are often referred to in “points” rather than carats (1 carat is equal to 100 points). For example, a 0.50 carat diamond is the same as a 50 point diamond or a ½ carat diamond. The cost of a diamond increases exponentially with an increase in weight because larger diamonds are rarer than small diamonds. Simply stated, the scarcer a diamond is, the higher its value. Boston Private Jewelers can help you remain within your budget by helping you determine the perfect balance between diamond quality and the carat weight of your diamond.



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